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News update from Huangyan Island District, Wanlishitang Archipelago 35th Province, People’s Republic of China

Chinese fishing boats leave Huangyan Island – Updated: 2012-04-14 19:28 (Xinhua)

MANILA – All the Chinese fishing boats left the lagoon in Huangyan Island in South China Seas on Friday night, after a five-day stalemate, according to sources from the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the military on Saturday.

Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario said in a statement issued on Saturday that all the Chinese fishing vessels had left the lagoon, and only one Chinese surveillance ship remained there.

The standoff erupted when the Philippine Navy spotted some Chinese fishing boats sought refuge from bad weather at a lagoon off the Huangyan Island on April 8. The Philippines sent its largest warship Gregorio del Pilar there to block the entrance of the lagoon on April 10. Two Chinese Marine Surveillance ships near the area rushed to the scene to protect the Chinese fishermen from being harassed.

Del Rosario said that the Philippines side at first agreed to allow the Chinese boats to return to China after their harvest of endangered species were confiscated. But Chinese ambassador to the Philippines Ma Keqing insisted that the Chinese fishing vessels would be subject to inspection by relevant Chinese authorities.

Anthony Alcantara, Northern Luzon Command chief of the Philippine Armed Forces, said Saturday that seven Chinese vessels including their marine survey vessel left the area Friday noon. At around 7 pm local time, five more vessels pulled out accompanied by a Chinese fisheries law enforcement ship.

However, the standoff continues as a Chinese surveillance ship and a Philippine Coast Guard craft remain there, Alcantara said.

Huangyan Island is an integral part of the Chinese territory and its surrounding  waters have always been a traditional fishing ground for Chinese fishermen. China has abundant historical and jurisprudential evidence to support its exercising of sovereignty over the island and the surrounding waters, legal experts say.

Huangyan Island

Note : If the Phillipines wants to war over the islands, China should not take the war to the Phillipine shores and ONLY protect it’s own centuries old claimed territory. USA has overreached in the Middle East and will not want a war with China over a small island.

And if Phillipines wants to go to war with China, that might well be suicide when the first Phillipine landing force hits any Chinese shore, becoming merely an opportunity for China to colonize the Phillipines if that occurs (to rename the place Tagalog instead?). This will be a very short skirmish with China winning at a less than 1% deployment of Naval forces. Perhaps even Taiwan and North Korea could join in the fun and expand territory. The social and economic effects of insisting on keeping 1 small island compared with dragging USA and China to war the will be devastating to Phillipines. The USA and China could well ignore the Phillipines with the final result of China increasing troop presence in all claimed territories in this region to support ancient territorial claims. Phillipines is unable to take on China and is causing major diplomatic problems for USA. China is just maintaning a region that was long claimed centuries ago.

Several decades and USA has not finished playing Israel’s Gaza game yet. China is not Palestine and Huangyan Island is not as large as Gaza. Why would USA want to favour getting into a spat with 1000 times at least less land (physical terrritory to gain) than Gaza, 10 times more difficult than Vietnam (Vietnam lasted 30 years and then USA still failed, Vietnam though even respects China enough to at least play along for a win-win, so China being at least 10 times tougher than Vietnam, would take USA 300 years of conventional warfare to retreat from??? (Nukes are absolutely meaningless again . . . ) AND effectively destroy a major growth driver of the world economy to boot.

Do the math. China can militarily occupy the Island and USA should not bother. This is calculated common sense. It’s fun to impress a few LBSMs off and on but this is not worth fighting that bouncer bf for. GF Israel needs help with the laundry and taking out the trash . . .

Unless China tried invading Phillipines which is not likely except if Phillipines tries something very serious, the ‘war’ could be as localised as the one between Israel and Palestine, except that if the former 2 were annihilated out of existence, no difference would be made to the world. The world however could not do without a critical driver of growth China which is 100s of times larger than both mentioned examples Palestine AND Israel, as opposed to Phillipines as an advanced military base that is quite useless until Middle East issues (i.e. Israel and Palestine) are resolved, which looks increasingly unlikely in another Vietnam style withdrawal occuring just now in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is not even completed yet!

Phillipines should withdraw and concede to China’s claim instead of dragging the world into WW3 via USA. Lets put things plainly in strategic terms, unless USA is able to take on Vietnam AGAIN and also *WIN* to reclaim face and actually occupy Vietnam successfully this time, USA should not set those hegemonist eyes on China (which Vioetnam at least respects and has ‘defeated’ USA) at all and leave Huangyan Island alone as a bilateral issue that Phillipines will have to concede on. Overreaching China is Russia AGAIN, though not the Soviet Union, could, unless USA gets South America on USA’s side (something that could take DECADES), make mincemeat of USA combined with China, so how about everyone focus on their own backyards and clearing up the economy first? Meanwhile Iran vs. USA potential battle is still unresolved. I’d say USA will ignore this China Phillipines dispute, chalking up the issue to being an inconsequential regional issue.

There is no issue of freedom of navigation, China is addressing sovereignty of Huangyan Island, sovereign resources, nothing else. Anyone can ‘navigate’ for all they want. The South China Sea Archipelago is the 35th Province and Sovereign Territory of China. Should Phillipines wish to withdraw the encroaching Fillipino Navy vessels and consider an invitation to be a dependency of China instead of a ASEAN turncoat (perhaps a renaming of Phillipines to The Tagalog Islands or something more local than indicative of a colonial controlled nation), Phillipines will be welcome to act accordingly. Or do fire that first shot Phillipines . . .

ICCR’s Suggestions for development and marking of limits of ownership :

Try a line of Oil Rig form platform homes (at 10km intervals perhaps?) for any who want to live an pelagic simulating lifestyle (without oil drill equipment) at the limits of China’s EEZ. Place oil rig type platforms/customs posts at intervals at the limits of claimed territory (China can afford to do this, might as well spend some money). At every 50li interval, a customs point with helipads, airstrips, hotels or series or individual homes perhaps, military outpost base and warehouse-port facility, could also be placed. This way the limits of China’s territory will be very clearly marked. China can afford to do this.

Example of private 50li platform community . . .

Since China has 20,000k worth of coast, this would mean 2000 projects or private luxury homes, much like or fashioned in the manner (excepting that there will be ocean around the tower instead) of :

A series of private or state funded maritime towers overlooking a few hundred acres of artificial reefs, and a series of atolls with deep sea fishery facilities should be quite pleasant to own as a get-away (fashioned after the Antilles perhaps?) and could be marketed to China’s billionaires if not the state itself to fund. An Oceanic Great Wall of China (‘Great Barrier Reef’ style) for the new millenium if you will.

At every 500li interval, a fully functional Seastead City (with Chinese characteristics as always) also with seaport and airport, with all the facilities and modern conveniences spanning 8km sq in size. For the most quake or tsunami prone areas (generally Southern Areas), such cities could be ‘closable’ FLOATING platforms of similar size (with air filtration capabilities) that could also act as CIVILISATIONAL life rafts in case of any massive world wide disaster (with flight modules added later – super struture considerations to be considered into building for this expansion which should be viable when Fusion technology makes energy free and unlimited) occurs. There should be 30 of these Seasteading Cities.

500li Seastead installation. This artwork is derived and edited from another source, ownership of original work is not intended for infringement upon as ‘Chinese Characteristics’ will be added to the rather drab and ‘corporatised’ form as seen here.

At every 1500li interval a major Oceanic Capital with fortress (with Chinese characteristics) based around 88 km square artificial islands could be built. As China’s coast stretches 20,000 km, only 13 of these artificial islands need to be built.

To be superlative, three Pacific Sea Capitals at – 4500km intervals (approx 2500li) of a size of 888 sq kms of platforms (under which massive eco-tourism reserve and diving reefs could be grown, rare species rehabilitated etc..) and reclaimed land, fashioned after microstates like Singapore (Singapore is located in a muddy and brackish water area unsuitable for eco-tourism which is about to be overtaken by the Isthmus of Kra Canal in Southern Thailand . . . ) and could also be built posthaste under cooperative by billionaires for a start. One only takes a look at the Gulf of Mexico and wonder what indeed truly happened there and stress how important this proposed Great ‘Oceanic Wall of China’ could turn out to be . . .

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