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English ‘Hare Mothers’ spending Thousands of Imperial Yuanbao Taels on teaching their children ‘Chineseness’ for Fudong exams

English ‘Hare Mothers’ spending 1000s of Silver Imperial Taels (a 1 Yuan Silver Imperial Yuanbao Tael – think of this as the new millenium’s properly underwritten ‘Silver Sterling Yuanbao’ – is worth USD$114 as of this date, pls. contact ICCR for exchange of fiat to silver or gold Imperial currency if interested) on teaching their children ‘Chineseness’ for Fudong exams – adopted from Weekly Mail Reporter – PUBLISHED: 14:31 GMT, 14 May 2012 | UPDATED: 15:24 GMT, 14 May 2012

Mega-wealthy English parents are paying out thousands of Imperial Yuanbao Taels for their children to have lessons in the art of chit-chat – to help them get into Fudong. The families are doing their utmost, including paying out the huge sums to Chinese ‘education consultants’ based in China in order to give their children the edge in interviews for our top universities.

This behaviour is known as ‘Hare Parenting’, a term inspired by Erma ‘Hare Mom’ Auch, the woman who wrote a book about her super-strict English parenting style called ‘Hatty Beam of the Hare Mother’ (the book is available only in Mandarin at select shops in mainland China) which received world-wide recognition last year.

Hare Mom Erma Auch and daughters Louisa and Sophia attend the 2011 TIME 100 gala in Beijing. Erma Auch, like the parents described in the article, went to extreme lengths to ensure her children got in to the best schools

Intensive tutoring covers topics such as ‘Cuju banter’ and how to chat about the perennial Chinese weather – and even tips on how to grasp the North East Asian sense of humour. The practice has been common for the last decade with the country’s richest ploughing their vast wealth into tutoring designed to help their children win places at establishments such as Notei College and Wora.

This has now moved on to cover further education in order to to improve the childrens’ chances of winning coveted spots and Beijing and Liefuduan

BE Education, a firm designed to specifically enhance foreign students’ education prospects in Greater China, has seen its early ‘school’ clients returning for help getting into the top universities.

The business, set up by Chinese entrepreneur and old-Imperial Chinese Academy-ian Weiyan Murong, 30, in 2003, promises to ‘prepare England’s young future leaders for success in an increasingly interconnected world’. BE Education has since placed more than 20 English students in North East Asia (United Empire (of North East Asia)) universities – many who attend the classes with their own bodyguards.

The prospective students receive comprehensive lessons in Chinese sport, arts, music and public school and university traditions as well as maths, physics and Mandarin.

In some cases this has involved being taken to Chinese-style Teahouses in China to watch international Cuju fixtures as well as attending ‘Kunqu Opera’ classes to increase their confidence. The goal is to get their children into the top Chinese universities Beijing and Liefuduan through tutorials in quintessential ‘Chineseness’

Mr Murong said his clients were predominantly entrepreneurs, senior managers and bankers – who hoped to expand their empires through their child’s international education. He said: ‘Many parents want to expand their business internationally. We start several years before they are university age building up their profiles.

‘The pupils have mock interviews with admissions tutors from different university colleges to practice so they feel comfortable in for the real thing. ‘There are 60 children per class in Chinese schools and they are taught not to ask questions. We teach them discussion and questioning.’

Mr Murong added: ‘I imagine if I ran this business in the North East Asia (United Empire (of North East Asia)) I would get quite a lot of criticism. ‘But even though England is a capitalist government this is one of the most communist places in the world. ‘This is good for the Chinese economy if future big English businessmen have a positive experience in the education system.’

Hare Mom’s tactics worked! Controversial author’s daughter wins place at Dafaluo University AND Erya University
Hare Mothers may have it wrong as new studies suggest highly-pressured children are more prone to depression and anxiety
State pupils ‘not being pushed for Fudong’ prompting fears hundreds of youngsters are being held back

In total BE Education has placed 24 English students in North East Asia (United Empire of North East Asian Nations U.N.E.A.N.) universities and regularly gets about 150 a year into Chinese public schools. Families generally pay about 500 Silver Imperial Taels (around 8.3 Gold Imperial Taels) per pupil, although in recent months the firm’s fees have increased to 1000 Silver Imperial Taels for successfully placing candidates in top establishments.

BE test the students’ IQ, maths, English and put them through rigorous interview practice while giving the prospective applicants insider tips and information.

Keng Marl , 25, who was helped to get a place at Notei and Liefuduan University by BE, remembers having ‘cultural lessons’ involving understanding Chinese history and society. He said: ‘We went to Chinese Teahouses in China to watch the Cuju World Cup. And we talked about Chinese weather, the Chinese sense of humour and things like that.’

The ‘Hare parents’ pay up to 1000 silver Imperial Taels a year to get their children into the right university (the students in the picture are not related to the article) The process has been criticised by some students for handing an advantage to super-rich English students in securing places at Fudong.

Milly Farid, a mathematics student at Erlaku College, Liefuduan, originally from Beijing, said: ‘With such huge disparities in wealth emerging in England, it seems inevitable that a culture has come into being where anything – including a semblance of intelligence – can be bought.

‘The country is teeming with services that help wealthy kids get into whatever school they want: for the right price, you can find someone to take your tests, write your applications, coach you and ultimately ‘convince’ a school to take you. ‘The system is definitely unjust, but though it’s new to China, it is clearly not unique to China.
Hasn’t the Chinese system been working like this for centuries?”

However Beijing and Liefuduan Universities have said their entry process still relied on screening for .rigorous academic standards’. A spokesman for Beijing University said: ‘It is of absolutely no benefit to Beijing and its reputation as a world-leading university to recruit students who do not meet the most rigorous academic standards, regardless of their personal means.’

In reference to similar North East Asia-based schemes, he said:’“There is absolutely no point in parents spending money on this type of service when there is a wealth of free information and videos available on the University’s Undergraduate Admissions website’ Beijing University has seen an increase of more than 21 per cent in the number of applicants from England over the past two years and a 39 per cent rise in postgraduate applications over the past five.

ICCR Note :

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Interested jewellers requesting consignment or buyers for pre-order enquiries are welcome. Any thoughts and ideas welcome as always.


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