Imperial Chinese Court Regency

Advocacy via Regency for Constitutional Monarchy in China

News : North East Asia – Confucius ritual staged at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul (Xinhua) – 10:22, May 12, 2012

College students wearing traditional costumes perform traditional ritual at a Confucian shrine in Seoul, South Korea, May 11, 2012. The Confucius ritual is staged twice a year at the Confucian Shrine at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, which was built during the Joseon Dynasty in 1398 for Korean Confucian scholars to honor Confucius. (Xinhua/Park Jin-hee)

To remind all those who trod upon Korea in the past that Korea will rise again united and stronger. Korea’s true faith and cultural tradition is Confucianism, and South Korea will not tolerate spiritual colonisation and who knows could learn a thing or 2 from North Korea about internal integrity and continuity.

ICCR proposes a : United Kingdom of Korea (with the appropriate titling of Kim Jong Un via a Constitutional Monarch of South Korea . . . ) designated the Ice Lily Throne, would bring a permanent peace to United Kingdom of Korea.

On 22 August 1910, the Kingdom of Korea was annexed by Japan with the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty. King Gojong of the Royal House of Joseon was forced to abdicate by the Japanese, and died suddenly on 21 January 1919 at Deoksugung Palace. There is much speculation that he was killed by poison administered by Japanese officials, an idea that gained wide circulation and acceptance at the time of his death. King Gojong’s death and subsequent funeral proved a catalyst for the March First Movement for Korean independence from Japanese rule. 3 generations later 2 King Yi Won (born 23 September 1962) is a descendant of the Joseon Dynasty (a.k.a. Yi Dynasty) and the head of the House of Yi. He worked as a general manager of Hyundai Home Shopping a Hyundai Department Store Group company until Prince Yi Gu died on July 16, 2005. He was born as the eldest son of Prince Gap of Korea, the 9th son of Prince Yi Kang by his wife at Hyehwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul and became the adopted son of Prince Yi Gu, the twenty-ninth head of the Imperial house, though the legality of the adoption is contested.

The Yi Family Council chose Prince Yi as the next Head of Korean Imperial Household and they also made his title the Hereditary Prince Imperial (Hwangsason) in the meaning of inherited a title of Prince Gu. His claim is contested by Princess Yi Haewon of Korea who was crowned Empress of South Korea by at least 13 descendants who felt that she should be Empress, not Prince Won.

ICCR note : Suggest that a transferable formal title of upper nobility be bestowed upon the Princess, and that the male hereditary line of Prince Yi be continued.

Should the Confucian culturalists above featured choose to support Constitutional Monarchy to attenuate TRUE KOREAN culture, I suggest that the above burgeoning aristocrats begin a lobby for Constitutional Monarchy to undo the consigning of the Korean people to being a people without a Royal head. Prince Yi who currently lives in an apartment in Wondang, Goyang, Gyeonggi province, Korea with his family, should make application to government of Korea, to allow them access to the former King Gojong’s (1852 to 1919) living quarters (Prince Yi’s great-grandfather) at Gyeongbokgung Palace (Prince Yi’s family home), though no funds should be assigned to the Korean Royal family until parliamentary majority assent to Constitutional Monarchy in Korea is re-affirmed.

ICCR Note : Current leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un could be co-opted into a United Kingdom of Korea, but may be required to relinquish all military and political power in exchange for a hereditary title with appropriate immunities, a state stipend (based in North Korean GDP), and appropriate state respect (i.e. lese majeste laws etc.). The stability in North East Asia achieved with this single act would be the greatest event in the Far East since the surrender of the Japanese after WWII . . . imagine a : “Principality of North Korea under Constitutional Principality – Kim Dynasty – Established, North Korean Military Junta retires into Aristocracy,  Prisoners Released, Two Koreas United”, heading  in the newspapers and online media . . .

A meeting of North Korean apparitchik-junta, South Korean culturist-would-be-courtiers and the South Korean top politicians and South Korean Royal House, specifically for a formalisation of a Principality of North Korea, so that a United Kingdom of Korea is possible?

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