Imperial Chinese Court Regency

Advocacy via Regency for Constitutional Monarchy in China

Some Chinese Posters – reposted by M.Murong – 9th October 2012

People close to the land . . .

Real Organic non-GMO produce might be China’s no.1. export . . .

Real labour, not pen pushers and paper shufflers . . .

Real goods unlike unbacked fiat . . .

Then back to the gardens, for some tea and incense to prepare for a new day . . .

Socialism (unlike extreme Marxism) trumps uncontrolled and unethical Western Capitalism . . . China the nation of REAL and organic people!

A Utopian vision arises that the East may well lead humanity in humane and exemplary manner to the West’s corrupt ways and political failures, nepotism and lack of political power distribution. Laws will be updated, and the Politburo will be focused on the people’s well being instead of political power. Long live Fatherland China! Long live the Imperium.



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