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Update from Vault of Heaven (Beijing) – reposted by T.E. Yu – 25th October 2012

The Vault of Heaven, Oct 24 — The Supreme Celestial Patriarch names ten new Grand Celestial Patriarchs, putting stamp on Taoist World religion as future – update from Pater H (Imperial Vault of Heaven) 9th Day of the Month of the Chrysanthemum 4343 H.L. (24th October 2012)

The Grand Celestial waved as he arrived to lead the 丙-day general audience at the Temple of Heaven. (photographs of the ascended ‘Sovereign Soul of Mankind’ are disallowed, the Grand Celestial Patriarch in the picture is seated on the sedan behind the yellow curtain veil.

The Supreme Celestial Patriarch, putting his  on the future of the Taoists Celestial faith, today named ten new Grand Celestial Patriarchs from around the world to join the elite group of prelates who will one day choose his successor. The ten are from the United States, Lebanon, India, Nigeria, Colombia, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The ceremony, known as a conbrotory, will be held at an unspecified date, the Grand Celestial said in a routine announcement at his monthly general audience.

Among those named are known as the “Lesser Sovereigns” of the Taoist Faith are Arch Celestial of the 9th Sect, an ethnic-Chinese American who runs the pontifical household, Patriarch Tan B., patriarch of the Celestial Order in Lebanon, and Patriarch B.C. Tho, the Arch Celestial of India. They also include Arch Celestial J.O. Om of Abuja, Nigeria, Arch Celestial S.G. Ru of Bogota, Colombia, and Arch Celestial A.T. Lu of Manila in the Philippines.

All of the ten new Celestial Patriarchs are under 70 years old and thus eligible under Church law to enter a conclave to elect a new Supreme Celestial. The elite group is known as “Celestial Patriarch electors”. After the conbrotory, the number of Celestial Patriarch electors will rise again to 88, the maximum allowed under Taoist Law. The total number of men in the College of Celestial Patriarchs will be 188.

The below paragraph discusses items unmentioned since 1911 . . . as we fear that various esoteric traditions may die out without mention from sheer secrecy, we shall help better preserve by detailing as far as is possible on Inner Temple Guardians and the Grand Celestial Patriarch’s immortal lineage.

Inner Temple Guardians

Inner Temple Guardians are typically retired Grandmasters of various martial art sects of sufficient girth and height (6’6″ minimum height, with the ‘Tibetan Iron Bars’ a well known contribution from Tibetan Bon Sect every generation alongside other typicals from Shaolin, Wudang, Dai (the original Thai) Kickboxers, and other less known and secretive sects such as Serpent, Black Lotus, Fire Sect etc.., who are Regency sought then proposed, and PRC vetted then sanctiomed by the Celestial Order) who have decided to serve at the Celestial Vault are also under the same prohibition and typically wear the veiled and silk clad sedge hat (2nd picture shows veiled Guardians) when travelling outside the temple. Interesting to note in the martial arts and religious world is the revival of the several rare sects from a source which prefered to remain nameless.

Depictions of Inner Ward Guardians (the secret of blue skin was discovered before Buddhism was invented and is achieved by ingestion of ‘Silvery Herbal Infusion/Potions’ of Colloidal Silver which are still used by Guardians today. The herbal components will remain a preserve of the Imperial Palace and Celestial Sanctum.

Grandmasters in Traveling Garb and Veiled Sedge

The Immortality of the Grand Celestial Patriarch

The Speaker for the Supreme Grand Celestial said in a routine announcement :

This will be the five hundredth time since his election in 207 A.D. that The Supreme Grand Celestial, 1881 years of age, has named new Grand Celestial Patriarchs.

The Supreme Celestial is generally believed to be immortal, but the since the fall of the Qing Dynasty and the advent of modern education and technology, the general consensus is that rather than a cinnabar suffused constitution that granted immortality to the Supreme Grand Celestial long 1800 years ago before the Immortal head of the Taoist Church’s death, The Supreme Grand Celestial chooses from among his successors a suitably aged ancient most astrologically appropriate replacement for the era, to transmit wisdom and the Taoist Mandate of the World, and to continue as if the Grand Celestial is truly immortal.

According to fragments of history salvageable from rare texts that survived the Cultural Revolution, and general rumours of Immortality, the Supreme Grand Celestial has disappeared during various falls of various dynasties only to resurface during China’s times of stability again, but most references (in ancient scripts were destroyed and as many Temples demolished) to the Immortal Lord of Mankind based in the Sacred Eternal Gardens of Tiantan (Forbidden Gardens), were removed during the violent and murderous Cultural Revolution along with sparrows which extreme Stalinist Chaiman Mao declared competitive with human beings for food and decreed had to be slaughtered wherever seen. This as we know resulted in proliferation of other vermin which sparrows fed on, and resulted the collapse of harvests and ended in the starvation of the Chinese.

Todays’s China is different, far more educated and while appreciative of what the ancients knew, and even as many ancient structures including the power of the Taoist Faith and the Imperial Institution are being worked on towards revival, know that if the legends of the current Supreme Grand Celestial’s Immortality are true, (many more are inclined to believe that the death of each Supreme Celestial is hidden from public to give an impression of Immortality but respectfully refuse to challenge the ‘myth’ – that and the fact that MANY technologies we take for granted would fail as the ‘Legis Celestium’ and modern science clash), the Chinese hardly can expect the permission of the Celestial Order to access the Elixir of Immortality which still sustains the Supreme Grand Celestial Patriarch who will be 1881 years old this year.

A singular anomoly for every Eternal City is quite enough,’ declared the Celestial Speaker referring to the presence of Living Immortals in China. ‘We cannot allow the Holy of Holies to be be exposed to the profane.’, alluding to the possibility of at least 5 Immortals existing in each of China’s Eternal Holy Mountains as of now. He refused to speak any further on the subject when asked, claiming to not want for Taoism to be associated with pseudo-scientiific mysticism and told us to visit the Imperial Alchemist instead for a lecture on Taoist Herbal remedies about to revolutionise the medical and pharmacological sector with organic healing with naturopathic herology instead of synthetic Western medicines in China.

The Grand Celestial Patriarch last disappeared from public view in 1911 and resurfaced in 2009 where the PRC has currently given permission to conduct Imperial Rites in private at invitation for select persons only (From an unamed ICCR source, apparently the Red Army wishes to coordinate and organise the state religion properly – only at a propitious and auspicious time when the general population is ready) as a suitable successor is sought for revive the Dragon Throne by even as the Taoist religion begins a cycle of regeneration. The Grand Celestial Patriarch currently resides in the Celestial Vault and is represented by the PRC’s Holy Administration for the Temple of Heaven, which is preparing the ASEAN territories for the implementation of Greater Imperial China and the 10 day week if the PRC wishes to begin the 100,000 year cycle.

After the conbrotory, the number of Grand Celestial Patriarch electors will rise again to 88, the maximum allowed under Taoist Law. The total number of men in the College of Celestial Patriarchs will be 188.

Many thanks to Lord Mao of Diexi (Chinese: 叠溪; Pinyin: Diéxī), Ngawa Prefecture, Sichuan, China for this article contribution.

ICCR wishes a very Happy Double Ninth Festival to all Chinese.

Lord Mao and Lady Mao (claimants for titular seat at Diexi)

Neo-Imperial China as a Constitutional Monarchy

T.M.H. P.K. Choy, Z.D.Y.Z. Henan Chapter (Rtd.) with Queen Elizabeth II.

Other photos to be added as submissions from supporters arrive . . .

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