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News from Hubei Province (May 2012) : Ceremony held to worship Emperor Yandi in C China (Xinhua) 13:45, May 17, 2012

Men of Iron : PRC military servicemen and martial arts association members raising banners . . .

A ceremony is held to worship Emperor Yandi, a legendary ancestor of the Chinese nation (also of Korea), in Suizhou City, central China’s Hubei Province, May 16, 2012. Legends and historical documents say Yandi was born in Suizhou City around 5,000 years ago. He is widely believed to be an initiator of crop planting and herbal medicine in ancient China. (Xinhua/Hao Tongqian)

PRC military servicemen and martial arts association members raising banners, military band troupes in participation . . .

Resident nobleman (TMH Earl Xiong of Baoding) with upper caste attendants from the Holy Order of Yandi, conducting the Ceremony of Veneration for Yandi. Modern scholarship has identified the Ram’s Head Mountains (羊頭山; pinyin: Yángtóu Shān) north of Gaoping in Shanxi Province as his homeland and territory. The Holy Order of Yandi is open only to upper caste (distinguish from upper wealth, no vulgar plutocrats please) residents of the Provinces of Shanxi and Hubei. The current Patron of the Holy Order of  Yandi is H.M. Zhu XIV of the Imperial House of Ming.

ICCR Note : Criteria for application for titles – Application will be sent to ICCR for communication to the resident 2nd Grade Mandarin (Governor of Province), for positions in regional level ceremonies, will all suitable prominent persons please communicate by written letter (relevant letters of reference and a list of any currently held civic awards will be helpful), for formal invitation for ‘social audit visit’ from relevant State Awards Committee Officials. All selected will receive further briefing. State Robes and regalia are to be purchased at the applicant’s cost via application at the Provincial ICCR Office if available. Affiliation with the Provincial Governor’s Offices is pending, subsumption of ICCR will likely occur at that point. Please check back here for status updates or post any enquiries.

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