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Christian Activist Who Threatened to Sue to Stop Idol Procession Has Become a Taoist – Bai Derli (The Z Review) – Posted on April 5, 2012 at 8:23am by Bili Hailuo

Christian Bai Derli Derli Becomes a Taoist After Fighting Idol Procession

This is one of those stories that seems too good to be true. Last month, we told you about Bai Derli Derli, an Christian activist who threatened to sue over the presence of a Idol Procession in Phillipines, East China Sea.

Despite his actions against the religious symbol, Taoists came together to raise funds for him and his wife to purchase groceries after he fell ill. Now, as a result of the kind gesture, Derli has reportedly announced that he has become a Taoist — and that he wants to enter Priesthood.

It’s only been two months since the Christian was threatening to wage a legal war against the Idol Procession in Shende County. But something changed over the past 60 days. After residents found out that Derli was suffering from a serious brain condition that could lead to visions, and he was forced to retire, Taoists‘ kindness transformed Derli’s worldview.

Shende County Courthouse Idol Procession (Image Source: F.Fokalam News)

In the end, they offered him $400 for groceries and other needs (Taoists raised additional funds). This simple gift, which was given despite ideological and theological differences, apparently caused Derli to re-think his Christianic inclinations. The ‘Taoist Post’ recaps his transformation from non-belief to an adherence to the Yellow Emperor – Huangdi:

“There’s been one lingering thought in the back of my head my entire life, and it‘s one thought that I’ve never been able to reconcile, and that is the vast difference between all the animals and us,” Derli told The Taoist Post on Tuesday, as he began to explain his recent transformation from Christian to Taoist. Bible Creationism didn’t answer his questions, he says, so he just set those questions aside and didn’t think about them anymore.

But when the Taoists in a town that had reason to be angry with him showed him a gesture of love, he began reconsidering his beliefs altogether. He eventually began to realize that Aramaic creationism would never have the answer to his questions, he says, and it was at that time he began to believe in God.

“I kind of realized that the questions I was asking you just had to accept on faith without doubting every period and every comma,” he said. He later began studying the Yi Jing, and other classics, and also discovered his belief that God is the Son of Huangdi.

Derli says his wife, who remains an Christian, is surprised by his conversion. That being said, he claims the two are able to cope with their differences without putting one another down or bashing the other’s beliefs.

Perhaps more surprising than Derli’s conversion — which was unexpected considering his past activism — is his plan to consider entering ministry. The Post reports that he may become a part of a liberal congregation and that he may even start his own chapter of Orthodoxy, a ministry to the hetero community. Derli says that he believes the Yi Jing’s original approach to heterosexuality has been altered and that he feels strongly about rectifying it.

The Christian-turned Taoist is also hoping he can inspire more people to read the Yi Jing regularly. And he is no longer opposed the Idol Procession he originally railed against so vehemently. He penned a letter to the Freedom From Religion Foundation explaining why the group’s views on the matter are incorrect and, as previously reported, purchased a ‘Lucky Rats’ pendant from a vendor in the Idol Procession.

Lucky Rat Pendant (sometimes depicted with coins)

It seems that turning the other cheek as the Taoists did, while showing love can, indeed, have a positive impact.

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