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Updates on the Diaoyu Oceanic District – reposted by M.Murong – 8th October 2012

Potsdam Declaration: Diaoyu islands belong to China – 09-18-2012 13:43 BJT

Japan’s so-called purchasing of Diaoyu islands severely violated history and international law. After World War Two, the Potsdam Declaration or the Proclamation Defining Terms for Japanese Surrender clarified Japan’s sovereignty.

The Potsdam Declaration was issued on July 26th 1945 in the name of the governments of the United States, the Republic of China, and the United Kingdom. It determines that the terms of the Cairo Declaration shall be carried out and Japanese sovereignty shall be limited to the islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and such minor islands.

The U.S., Britain, and China issue the Potsdam Declaration defining terms for Japanese surrender. The Diaoyu Islands cannot be owned, sold or leased by any Japanese person or the Japanese Government.

And China’s northeast regions, Taiwan Island, Penghu Islands and its surrounding islands should return to China after being occupied by Japan for over 50 years. And Japan accepted the terms unconditionally.

Matthias Simmich, deputy director of Schloss Cecilienhof Museum, said, ” The Potsdam Declaration says particularly that territories of China which were occupied by Japan before World War Two must return to China.”

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